Current Promotions

Current Promotions

At Advanced Home Services, we want to help make home renovations affordable.

We regularly offer our customers special promotions to make it easier to replace or upgrade their existing home windows or doors sooner than they expected. Besides our special promotions, our large volume of sales allows us to offer our customers significantly competitive prices on new windows, doors.

Our 35 years in business has allowed us to realize what we need to do to satisfy our customer’s initial needs and satisfy their expectations

 Thank you to all who have participated. We’ve been in the window and door business for 35 years thanks to great customers like you! Thank you for celebrating with us, and we look forward to continue servicing Windsor-Essex County.


1st winner of $500: Pat & Lee
2nd winner of $500: Chuck & Cindy
3rd winner of $500: Mr. & Mrs. T
4th winner of $1000: Rob
5th winner of $500: John & Diann
6th winner of $500: John & Linda
7th winner of $500: Theresa & Trisha
8th winner of $500: Rick & Debbie
9th winner of $500: Osvaldo
10th winner of $1000: Al & Rae Anne
11th winner of $500: Sean
12th winner of $500: Charlotte
13th winner of $500: Shay and Kelly
14th winner of $1000: Mary
15th winner of $3500: Carolyn